Long Weekender: Tropical North Queensland

After passing the 25 year milestone, I've chosen to mark each coming year with a remarkable experience in lieu of a party. Turning a year older proves the best excuse to travel. 

Don't leave it too late.

Following the spate of news about dredge dumping along the coast of Queensland, we decided it was due time to visit the Great Barrier Reef. The largest living organism on earth, this extraordinary place is home to an abundance of colourful coral, tropical fish and sea life. Coral bleaching has been a huge issue of late, so make sure to make the time to see it while it is still thriving. 

Tropical North Queensland.

A long weekend to Cairns was the perfect birthday getaway. It is here in this magical location that the reef meets with the rainforest. With rough conditions on the water, we took to diving. This gets you up close with the reef, the tropical fish and the chance to inspect giant clams resting on the ocean floor. If you have a penchant for sea turtles, make sure that you also go swimming at Green Island as they are much easier to spot there in the shallows. 

I found Nemo.

Forever a child at heart, my true goals for the weekend were to find Nemo, and to recreate the movie "Ferngully" by searching for the elusive cassowary bird. Whilst a family of clown fish were in residence on the reef, the large bird eluded me. I'll have to make plans for a return trip. 

Only a three hour flight north of Sydney, take some time out to explore this colourful paradise. 

Over to you! Let us know your favourite spots for a long weekend..