Figure 8 Pools

Our favourite wilderness oasis.

Royal National Park- our second home and location of many a hiphiker adventure. To anyone that doesn't know, there is a serene expanse of wilderness only 1 hours drive south of Sydney.

So many trails. 

Despite our escalating number of weekend trips, each time there is always something new to be discovered. Another track to be walked, another waterfall to swim in, another lookout to be stumbled upon, another remote beach to find. 

Something to try out.

Next time you visit- head to the Burning Palms track and walk to the Figure 8 Pools. Lacking my normal affinity to go swimming in anything and everything I wussed out this time. Too many witnesses and a fear of not knowing what lurked in the depths of each pool. 

Make sure you order a national park season pass sticker online for multiple adventures

What's your favourite spot in the Royal National Park?