A Few Days With the Swiss

Zurich, perfect for a few days with the Swiss.

Switzerland edged onto my list of top places to see when I promised uni friends (back in 2011) that I would visit them. Zurich however, proved to be much more than just an opportunity to reminisce over student nights and hangovers. 

Find a local to show you their favourite hangs. 

Taking time off work, Dani took on the role of expert local guide showing us the best hipster hangouts and explaining the interesting history of the city. Leisurely strolls around Lake Zurich, swiss beer in the sunshine and taking in the wonderful views from the lookouts at Lindenhof and Uetliberg Mountain. Cheese fondue was on the menu for old times sake and Dan would never miss out on an opportunity to eat some traditional Bratwurst with hot mustard.

Take a dip in the lake. 

While we were assured that many brave the warm waters of the river we waited to take the plunge at Cats Eye Lake. As expected it was freezing and we needed the fire cooked sausages (and tofu for me) to thaw us out. 

Go for a trip up the mountain.

A day trip to Lucerne took us up Mount Pilatus to gaze at the endless Swiss Alps. For a taste of history we walked along the wall between the Nine Watch Towers and made sure to check out the famous Lion Monument. 

Try out the nightlife.

Set amongst a leafy oasis of storage containers strung with fairy lights, Frau Gerold's Garden was a great place to spend our Friday evening (and last night). We were truly at home amongst the street food, local beers and outdoor music. A photo booth session followed to mark the occasion. 

Be sure to drink straight from all of the fountains. Water has never been so delicious.

- Words by Kelly. Pictures by Daniel.