Long Weekender: Whitsunday Paradise

Tropical paradise. 

There is a place of white sands, clear waters and an abundance of colourful reef straight out of a David Attenborough doco. If paradise exists, Hamilton Island might just be it. After a smooth landing at one of the shortest runways in the world, we took to golf buggies the favoured transport of the island. Post wet season, the sky was aflutter with tropical Ulysses butterflies. The multitude of black and blue wings made for a magical start to a four-dayer in the Whitsundays. 

Get your relaxation on.

The sense of relaxation really seeps into your bones here. Fill your days with poolside cocktails and water sports. Catseye beach provides the perfect conditions for stand up paddle boarding and sailing. 

Spend a night out on the reef.

After a sunrise stroll along the beach we set off to spend a night under the stars as part of the "Reef sleep". A gorgeous day spent in the water was followed by a night of music and dancing. Retiring to our swags on deck, the heavens were ablaze and we fell asleep counting shooting stars. 

Beware the stingers. 

A word to the wise, even outside of stinger season you should welcome the addition of stinger suit. Bikini-clad, I jumped into the water for a moment to swim with the turtles and welcomed an army of tiny jellys on my back. Welts aside, Hamilton Island is top on my list of best getaways. I very happily slipped into the ways of island living. 

Plan your getaway.

If you are planning a romantic break here, avoid the holidays when there is a compulsory minimum night stay and an influx of children, 

- Words and Pictures by Kelly.