How to Live Your Travel Dreams

Make time to travel.

We attract a fair few comments about our nomadic lifestyle. Yes we travel. A lot sometimes. Most weekends and free time are in fact spent away from home. Despite being complete opposites in a lot of ways, we both share a deep passion for adventure, the great outdoors and new places. It has become so deeply rooted in our being that it now tops our list of priorities. Together we made a decision that whenever an opportunity presents itself we always say "yes" to travel.

Work to live, don't live to work.

It can be so easy to be caught up in the daily grind, with weeks slipping away so fast that it seems like Easter comes straight after New Years. But what have we learnt from the people who came before us? No one ever lived to regret being late for work or taking too much annual leave. What they did regret were the opportunities missed. I don't want to look back on my life and measure it by the pay bracket I fit into or by how large my house was.  

It's never been easier to travel.

The world has never, ever been more open or accessible to us than it is now. In her youth, my oma spent weeks onboard a ship relocating from the Netherlands to New Zealand. Last year we flew from Sydney to London in 30 hours for $900 return. In a time when flights to Asia now cost the same as a night out drinking, there really are no limitations.  

Steps to Help You Live Your Travel Dreams...

1.) Prioritise travel

Buy memories over things. Rather than spending our money on possessions that fill up a house, we invest it in travel. Choosing to live minimally is extremely freeing. It is all too easy to become tied down by your possessions. Once you develop the habit it becomes an easy decision.

2.) Sign up to travel alerts from airlines

Half of our trips have been booked far in advance because a sale airfare came up that I just couldn't resist. Like your favourite airlines on Facebook and jump on board any specials that interest you. Be open minded and spontaneous and just go for it.

3.) Some of the best experiences are free

Whilst you initially need to invest in some good gear, camping is the most cost effective way to go away on weekends. In Australia and New Zealand we are blessed with insane scenery. Take the time to go for a drive out into the mountains, hike to a secluded spot and enjoy nature. Most off the track campsites charge minimal fees if any. These free experiences in the wilderness make up some of my favourite memories.

4.) Let Go

don't be afraid to step into the unknown, to say yes to opportunity when it presents itelf. The world won't come to an end if you quit your day job and buy a one way ticket across the globe. I don't want to have any regrets or let the security of a steady salary hold me back. Our generation is so lucky because we have such freedom with so many job opportunities.

Live with no regrets.

When I am old and grey I aspire to be like Douglas Tompkins, the founder of Northface who re-climbed Patagonia for his 70th birthday. He lived an amazing life of adventure, doing the things that he loved. Until then, we will continue looking for the next place to explore, the next waterfall to swim in and the next mountain to climb. 

What are your travel dreams?