Our Croatian Favourite: The Island of Brac

After being somewhat disenchanted with the overly touristic coastline of Croatia, we heeded the advice from some fellow van dwellers and caught a ferry across to the island of Brac. You can grab the high speed ferry across to the island from either Makarska or Split. Arrive early to the pier to make sure that there is enough room for your vehicle- it's first come first served.

Having driven through the night in a bid to avoid the coast line traffic and make up some miles, we only took the turn off to Makarska in a last moment decision. Wow, what a breath of fresh air it proved to be. We could finally enjoy the beautiful beaches to ourselves, were welcomed by the warm and generous locals and found true relaxation away from the crazy tourism of the mainland. 

While the cost to take a van over on the ferry is reasonable, camping spots can be quite expensive and book out. We discussed options with a local bar owner and he told us that as long as we were discreet about it, wild camping would be fine.  We found plenty of great places to park up for the night and enjoy the night sky and ocean sounds.