Our Slovenian Favourite: Lake Bled

In the early stages of planning for our big Europe trip, I reached out to my well travelled friends for advice. A visit to Lake Bled was mentioned as a must do so it made it onto our very first itinerary draft. After leaving the madness of Venice behind, we made our way into Slovenia for a few days enroute to the Italian Lakes.

After spending a night in the Park Tivoli carpark in Ljubljana (and managing to score ourselves a free shower from the gym facilities) we took an early morning drive out to the lake. It’s only a 45 minute drive from the centre of Ljubljana and while free parking is almost unheard of around the lake perimeter, we found some up the hill just past the Campgrounds.

Arriving early meant we could experience the quiet morning magic as we ate our breakfast on the dock. The stillness of the water and the gentle morning light easily translated through our lenses. 

Determined to reach a high enough vantage point for those famous views over Lake Bled, we took the short climb up to to the Ojstrica view point. Ask the locals to point out the start of the trail, you won't be disappointed...