Our Switzerland Favourite: Interlaken

Having spent a couple of weeks holed up in the far south of Germany (at a friend's home) following our Naples robbery, we were well overdue to hit the road again. 

Realising that the winter was well and truly setting in and that snow tyres would set us back a minimum of 600 EURO we made a last dash to Switzerland before the expected snowfall. 

We figured that the famous Interlaken region would be a great spot to test out our home in the cooler conditions. While wild camping is illegal in Switzerland, we figured that we would try our luck anyway and that it would be easier to get away with it while it was not peak season.

And so we found ourselves making the journey to the centre of Switzerland to witness the gorgeous fall colours of the lake region. Driving around the edges of Thunersee and Brienzersee we had front row seats to the most spectacular rainbow views. 

The photos speak for themselves...