Vanlife: 3 Off-The-Beaten-Path Gems in Montenegro

An unexpected trip to Montenegro.

After grooving out at Javorwood Festival near Sarajevo, we made our way south to Mostar in the hopes of seeing people diving off the famous Mostar bridge. While we missed the Red Bull Cliff Diving event by only a few days, we did see one man taking the plunge in exchange for tips. As we hung out down by the river, Dejan (who we met at Javorwood) suggested a trip across the border to Montenegro to attend LakeFest.

Allowing for spontaneity.

Lakefest, an inexpensive 3 day music festival was starting the very next day. Spending 3 days chilling out next to a lake and listening to music with some locals sounded like our idea of a good time.  Dejan was planning to hitchhike there, so without any hesitation we offered to give him a lift and found ourselves driving to Montenegro the next morning. 

Discover hidden gems.

Without having had any idea of where to go or what to see in Montenegro, we relied solely on the advice from people we met along the way. With their help, we were able to discover these 3 sweet off the beaten track spots. We love Montenegro and it's an absolute must visit for vanlifers. The living costs are low, the coast is just gorgeous... and if you know where to look, sweet parking spots are easy to come by. Just be sure to include our below favourite spots along the way!

3 off-the-beaten track gems to visit in Montenegro...

1.) Lake Krupac

The location of Lakefest is absolutely gorgeous and while the music was not the highlight for us, daily swims in the lake were. The water is crystal clear and a delight to cool off in. 

lake krupac.jpg
lake krupac 2.jpg

2.) Ada Bojana

Just another of the spots on our trip we would not have discovered without the help of locals. You will find this little gem where the river meets the ocean, right on the border between Montenegro and Albania. After travelling along a very populated stretch of coast, this small peninsular is the perfect spot for a quiet break. There are accommodation options for all budgets and the campground is the perfect place to park your camper.

ada bojana.jpg
ada bojana 2.jpg

3.) Ponte Veslo

While we were at LakeFest, I spoke with a pair of Serbs who disclosed their favourite spots on the coast with me. With their help we escaped the crowds and found ourselves in the quiet and beautiful Ponte Veslo. We spent our days swimming and camped next to a german couple who recommended a visit to Brac (which would become our favourite place in Croatia).

ponte veslo.jpg
ponte veslo 2.jpg

Travel should be a constantly evolving journey. Get out there and connect with other travellers and locals. These encounters completely transform your experience, which is why the freedom of vanlife means your possibilities are endless.

What are your favourite spots you've discovered with the help of a local or fellow traveller?