14 Must Have Travel Apps

Don't work harder, work smarter. There are a multitude of apps that can help take the stress out of travelling.

Here Are 14 Must Have Travel Apps We Can't Live Without...

(Clicking on the names of the Apps below, will take you through to the App Store. Enjoy!)

1. Here Maps

This is our number 1 most used app. We've now used their offline map system for two years of travels all around the world. The beauty of it is that you can download the countries you need in advance before you travel. Then, simply plug in an address or major landmark and it will calculate the best route; whether you are walking, driving, cycling or using public transport. We use it every day not only as our navigational system while driving but while we are on foot in a city. The best part is that we can tailor our preferences so that we can avoid tolls and unsealed roads if need be. 

**Please note that Facebook has recently acquired Here Maps and we have since noticed that loading times and functionality is slower. 

2. Triposo

Their offline city guides are a great source of information. Inside you will find an overview of each place, brief history, practical knowledge and the most popular things to do. You can also plan your day by marking the top things you wish to visit and generating a walking map. As an added bonus each country comes with a guide of useful phrases so you can brush up on your language skills. At a bare minimum we always learn how to say 'hello' and 'thank you' in the local language. 

3. Wally

A useful tool to help track all of your spendings. We've found this essential for long term travel when we are working to a stricter budget. By keeping a tally of your expenditures, the app auto adjusts your daily budget so that you don't go over for the month. It's also a great way to review and keep track of what your highest expenses are so that you can keep these in check. 

4. Rome2rio

 Logistics are never fun. Figuring out how to get from place to place can be very time consuming, especially if you have never been there before. There is such a surplus of resources and information at your disposal that it is often difficult to sieve through. Use this app as a guideline to finding the cheapest/fastest/easiest ways to get between destinations. Just plug in point A and point B and compare the generated options. I often use it for ideas and then go directly on the airline/rail/ferry website to find the best deals. 

5. Tripit

This is a great way to consolidate all the travel documents for any upcoming trips. I am very prone to booking a million different things all over the place so always have a mountain of confirmation emails in my inbox. This app helps to condense all the details into one cohesive itinerary. It is quick and easy to share with your friends and family so that they are kept in the loop of where you will be. 

6. Foursquare

A great alternative from tripadvisor, this app has user based reviews and top picks from like minded travellers. Its very easy to sieve through them by category, distance from you and prices. We find the reviews much more relevant and often the suggestions are less touristical.

7. Evernote

This a useful offline tool for blogging and creating notes and content while we are on the road. I've synced it up to all of my devices and often use it in offline mode. It is exceptionally easy to move and organise my writing into different notebooks.

**Please note that Evernote has changed their pricing structure and that you may only have 2 offline devices with a free account. 

8. Parkings (Campercontact)

Complete with downloadable offline maps this app is a collection of campervan parking locations, their facilities and prices. It is an absolute must have if you are travelling around Europe by van. We use it often when we are finding it hard to find a place to wild camp or plan to stay in a city, filtering it to show free camps only.

9. TraceMyTrack

This app uses your GPS and is an excellent way to track our entire journey and see how many miles you have done. The map also makes a note of where you stop for a deal of time so it is easy for us to retrace where we camped along the way. Once you have generated the data you can easily sync it up to your google maps.  For such a long trip we found it easier to split our journey into multiple tracks in order to keep the file sizes down.

10. XE Currency

A great tool to have in your pocket throughout Europe, particularly in the Balkans where they each have their own currency. Simply download the currencies you will use and plugin the prices. 

11. Google Translate

A lifesaver in tricky situations. We have used this to communicate with mechanics, phone repair shops and the like. Its free and it translates with a good deal of accuracy. Simply download the languages you need.

12. Dropbox 

It is so crucial for us to collate all of our media and important documents on a cloud network. We view these in offline mode while we are on the road for easy access. Upgrading to a paid account is a great way to have enough space to add your photo library.

13. WiFi Map Pro

A new addition to our travels, we use this to connect to free wifi networks. It is really good when you are in a tight spot and just need to jump online for a moment. It's not 100% accurate but we find that it is worth its while. Be aware that in order to use it in offline mode you need to zoom into the areas that you are travelling to while you have a valid connection. Once they have loaded they will be saved offline.

14. Skype

 We have found this to be by far the cheapest and easiest way to call and message cell phones and landlines while overseas. Keep in mind that you do need an valid internet connection to utilise this. (Wherever possible we make calls through facebook messenger as the signal is always the clearest) 

Have we left anything out? What are your Must Have Travel Apps?