Searching for Whales

Whales are cool. 

Growing up in the 90s, I always had an obsession with whales and dolphins. The likes of "Free Willy" and "Flipper" inspired me to dream (for a few years) of becoming a marine biologist. Ask my oma, she gave me dolphin themed cards every year for my birthday. Whilst that career path may not have panned out, I have always maintained a fascination with these intelligent creatures ever since.

Winter wanderings.

Cue a cold winter Saturday morning in Sydney, seeking inspiration for a weekend adventure. A photo on my newsfeed was all it took to remind me of the yearly whale migration up the coast to the warmer waters of Queensland. Cue a drive out to one of our favourite coastline spots, Kamay Botany Bay National Park. Only 45minutes drive from the Inner West this place is perfect for a spot of diving, scenic cliff-walk to the light house and panoramic views over the ocean to spot whales.

Take looking glasses.

Novices in the art of whale watching we arrived binocular-less but that did not dampen our spirits. We split off from the crowd at the carpark lookout and set about walking along the cliffline scanning the ocean for water spouts. Being extremely excitable that I am, any time I saw anything I would let out a yelp and jump up and down to get the attention of said whale. We came to see whales and see we did- although packing your binoculars is highly recommended.

- Words by Kelly. Pictures by Daniel.