"Vanlifers" Movie: The Power of The Vanlife Community

You need a community.

Vanlife can be a lonely road when you are constantly on the move. Without the familiarity of your friends and families, it's important to be part of the wider vanlife community. Reaching out over social media gave us a lasting friendship with fellow vanlifers, Armando and Mel at "Westfalia Digital Nomads".

If you aren't familiar with WDN's work they are a crucial part of the Vanlife community. Having called their Westfalia "Mork" home for the last 5+ years, they are living examples of the digital nomad movement and a true source of knowledge for us while we were travelling.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Armando for a night in Milan. After divulging all of his best advice to us he generously (and sneakily) paid for our dinner, refusing to accept reimbursement. And that's exactly what the "Westfalia Digital Nomads" are all about. Giving back to the community and creating connections with like minded people. This kind of togetherness is so important for a positive life on the road.

Post vanlife blues and missing our Aramoana.

So what is life like after vanlife? It's now been one year since we put our Aramoana in storage and Westfalia Digital Nomads have just released their documentary film "Vanlifers".

Our own story features, so it was a great opportunity for us to reminisce on our European vanlife journey and be part of the community again. We were interviewed by Armando on a drizzly day parked up in Milan, during one of the lower points of our trip. Days earlier we were pick pocketed on a bus during our 1 day stint in Naples. It is proof that in dark moments, friendship and camaraderie can bring lightness to the situation.

Vanlife isn't all glamorous but it allows a freedom of travel you can't experience any other way. How very special to be a part of such a unique community. While vanlife is temporarily on hold for us now, we can't wait til we have a home on wheels to explore the land down under. 

Get inspired.

"Vanlifers" is available to watch free here...


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