Our Bosnian Favourite: Kravice Falls

After finding ourselves in Bosnia, we were told that a visit to the Kravice Waterfalls was an absolute must. 

A mere 2 Bosnian Marks (1 Euro), this is THE waterfall in Europe that you should make time to visit. It’s not only gorgeous and affordable but you are allowed to swim right in the actual falls.

You can also organise day trips from Mostar or make a short detour while you are driving along the coastline of Croatia.

The wonderful staff were friendly enough to let us stay overnight in the parking lot for free with a bunch of other campers. This gave us first dibs to wander down to the falls in the morning. We even spotted places to set up camp for the night right down by the falls. 

Plan your visit so that you arrive well before the influx of tourists from 10am onwards.